As an employee at Walnut Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center, I am able to commit myself to the service of others in an environment that allows me to pursue what I love while providing compassion to our elders.

Christina Camp, RN


Being ready for a life-changing experience, working at Walnut Ridge Nursing and Rehab is not only fun, it is rewarding, and gratifying, it is also an opportunity to learn and grow; and to be a part of an outstanding team and working with our great generation.

-Rebecca Meeker, Activities Director

Y’all are good people. The food is good, I’m getting a bigger belly. I love the activities, especially the bowling, I like when the Butterfly ranch girls come to sing and talk to me. We are all just family.

Larry Williamson


I really like it here, I won’t go anywhere else. People here are very close, and willing to listen if we have something to say. Love that we get to have pets.

Trisha Clark


Great place for elders to live when they can’t return home. They treat elders with respect and give good care.

Judy Holder

Walnut Ridge Nursing and Rehab Center is a wonderful place to work. I enjoy knowing we are making a difference in our elder’s lives and making them happy with their golden years.

-Libby Parrott, LPN


I like this place just fine. Nursing homes aren’t new to me, I use to be a beautician and CNA at a nursing facility years ago. It feels like home here. I worked with Becky Meeker a long time ago, and it is just wonderful to have familiar faces around. I was here in 2013 for rehab, and I can see how the place has changed for the better; the building is prettier and the food is better.

Glenda Marchbanks


The staff is great, just wonderful. I love the Christian atmosphere and the beautiful décor on the walls; I just love all the sayings on them.

Lorene Hamilton


My wife is cared for by some great CNA’s especially, Wendy. Most of the people are just great, the administrator, Suzann, is a wonderful person and she has been really good to us. Nurses Tina and Becky are good. Very happy for the care we have received.

Mr. N

Family Member

The rehab team is fabulous. This is our nursing facility of choice. The people are very kind and helpful. It is a family oriented establishment…it’s just a fabulous place to go.

Libby Allison